Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Do You Keep Your Sanity?

You know we concentrate so much on the basics of what will be required for the day to day survival in the WROL situation, after I watched this video I began to think "How do you keep your sanity or derive any pleasure'?

Alaska Man Goes off Grid

This man is bringing a dog and a Kindle loaded with books to keep him from going stir crazy, but there will be a period of time of withdrawal from society that we will all go through. No computers, tv, cell phone and perhaps for some the only human contact will be in a self defense mode.

Our sanity is just as important to our survival as food and water.

As humans we crave that interaction with other humans, and that part of our brain that needs pleasure. To some people it's music, others its reading a book, or for some like myself going for a run with a friend. I have planned for so many things but no plan for keeping my sanity. In a WROL situation going for a run will not only expend added calories that would be fool hardy to do, but suicidal. There will be no extra power to run mp3 players or e readers. Remember watching Little House on the Prairie? At night they would read and Charles would play the violin. That was the entertainment and pleasure they had.

So in the post apocalyptic world...where will your pleasure come from?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on this.

Be prepared, not sorry