Friday, December 30, 2011

Food Prices Increasing....Backup Plans Part 2

As discussed in the first part of this series, food prices are on the rise and we need to make our food dollars stretch. We also need to be creative. I have 1 large room that is dedicated to my preps and I have to be creative on how I use that space. Currently I am installing more shelves along the walls and once that is completed in the center of the room my indoor aquaponics garden will be constructed.

I will construct a frame that will house two large totes on top and two on bottom and I will need two dual aerators. The bottom totes, 1 will contain spices (basil, thyme, etc) and 1 container of beans (Pinto and Great Northern). The two top totes will contain 1 of tomatoes and the other will be green and red peppers.

If you go on You Tube you can find many videos to create your aquaponics but I have include these 2 basic ones to give you an idea.

Be prepared, not sorry

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sharing The Blessings

On this day I count my blessings of family, friends (including my furry friends) health and most of all the joy of every day. Even though it has been a challenging year for me I know so many with little ones that are just wondering where the next meal is coming from or how to keep a roof over the family's heads.
On this day I urge you to take a look at your food stores and donate a few items to your local food bank. If you have old coats or blankets please take them to your local shelter. No one should be cold or hungry on Christmas.

I have done alot of traveling in the last 11 years for my work and the only family I have had to share Christmas with was my dogs. They have been stuck with me hauling them all over this country and have done it happily. No matter the day they are always happy to see me and having them in my life has really been a comfort when I was not able to be with my family. If you feel you could make a forever home for a dog or cat visit your local humane society. There are so many wonderful pets just waiting to make it Christmas everyday for you. If your house is already full the shelters always welcome donations, blankets, food, bowls, litter etc..

Here is my fur family...



Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Food Prices Increasing....Backup Plans Part 1

Food prices have skyrocketed since 2010 and now as we near the end of 2011 from January 2010 to December 2011 the price of eggs rose a total 24.8%, milk 12.2%, Beef 14.6%, Vegetables 14.9%, Fruits 16.9%, and grains are at 13.8% but are expected to skyrocket in 2012 due to the many droughts of 2011 and the increased consumption by foreign countries along with the demands of bio fuels.

Only 2% of the United States population produce food.

From my perspective in 2010 to now the price difference in some of the things I buy..

    2010                                                                Now

Totinos Pizza $.98                                               $1.59
1 gal of 2% Milk $1.29                                       $2.89
Bread $.99                                                          $1.89
Eggs $.99                                                            $1.89
Beef Roast $9.90                                                $14.69

I have like most of you had to make that dollar stretch farther than I ever have. I find myself shopping at the Dollar Store more, use more coupons, and really search for deals. When you factor in the price of fuel it may seem like a losing battle. Here are some of the things I am doing to help with these prices and also try to prep.

The store that I do much of my grocery shopping at offers customer rewards each week, like 1 free item (this week it was a free box of pasta) They also award points for every dollar you spend and you can use these points to trade in for free groceries. They always have the buy 1 get 1 free and lately they have been offering soups, box dinners, and meat buy 5 get 5 free (this really helps on the prepping) They have their own gas station and when you spend so many dollars on groceries you get a discount on gas. (usually between 3 and 5 cents per gallon)

Make A Grocery List

I am a compulsive list maker and I always go to the store with a list and very seldom do I buy extra. By making a list and sticking to it you will find that you can keep your spending in check. Most grocery stores send out a weekly deal flyer, you can make your list and coupons accordingly. Also if possible try not to take your children shopping with you because as you mothers know your kids are victims of the advertising world and want what they see on TV so you will tend to spend more if you have them along.

20% For Prepping

Because I am single I spend $100 every two weeks for groceries and 20% ($20.00) of that goes toward prepping. Now mind you I will make a pot of chili (or large batch of something) that will feed me all week plus freeze a few containers.

Pack A Lunch

It amazes me how many people I know that will eat fast food or run to the corner convenience store and buy their lunch? $5 to $10 a day adds up! I have always packed my lunch just to save that money and also I like my stuff better than some heart attack in a sack.

Let me know how you save on the price of food and prepping.

Be prepared, not sorry

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

False Information... A Test??

If you have or have not heard this past weekend, survivalist and prepper boards, blogs, email, and You Tube were buzzing with information that federal agents raided a LDS cannery in Tennessee trying to obtain customer lists. This information so far seems to be false and it has caused an uproar and apparent rift in the prepper community. SouthernBellePrepper has ties in the LDS community and decided to do her own investigation which is great that she took it upon herself to not take this story at face value.

Once it began coming to light that this was false information SouthernPrepper1 made a video that many lost the points that he was trying to make about sticking together and how the government is always throwing out false rumors and propaganda to test a foe on how they will react, to gain recon, or to cover their own tracks. My brother served during Vietnam and used to talk about the government doing this all the time.

Again I want to reiterate the points that SP1 was trying to make. Stick together and its fine to report anything you deem worthy but take it with a grain of salt and don't be afraid to dig. I am convinced this was purely done by the government to test the prepper communities reaction. To gauge how we will react and with how much resistance we will put up.

Information and networking is vital in the prepper community and we can't be afraid to share or take it personally if for some reason the information is false as in this case. Knowledge is power and we can't allow fear or ego to strip us of that.

Thank you SBP and SP1 for all you do for the prepping community.

Be prepared, not sorry

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Physical Toll When SHTF Part 2


As we discussed in the first part of this series when SHTF the physical demands of daily life are going to increase and if that day were to come today are you physically ready? If your answer like mine is "no" then I want you to participate in this challenge with me. It doesn't matter how much ammo or food we have stocked if we physically can't meet the demands to survive. Can you physically carry your BOB for miles? What about chopping wood for days on end?

Growing up on a farm and participating in high school sports, 4-H, and FFA I was in great shape. I continued to work out and up until a year ago I was running 5-7 miles 4 times a week with strength training 2 times a week. But like many people I had a injury and my workouts stopped, I gained weight, and started the mind games with myself saying "Oh I will start working out again next week" and next week comes and I justify not working out by telling myself I have too much work to do around the house or working overtime at work.

Excuses stop now

I love to run and used to run half marathons. It's funny how you can love to do something but sabotage yourself from doing it! One of the best marathoners in history (the penguin) when asked what is the hardest part of training for a marathon answered "getting out the door". He's totally right because once those shoes are on and your out the door the excuses stop and the hard part is over.

In training for half marathons I learned these guidelines which you will need to apply to this challenge.

1. Start slow and gradually work up - Starting any new physical regiment go to your doctor first and get a checkup to make sure your healthy enough to start your challenge. When you start your challenge start slow and work your way up. If you overdo it and are sore or injure yourself you are setting yourself up for excuses and failure.

2. Schedule your workout time - This is a must to ensure that you have that time for your workouts and also cuts down on the excuses. I work nights so I like to run in the morning after work. It's cooler at that time and it also helps me unwind and sleep better during the day.

3. Find a activity you enjoy - This an important component to your challenge. Find something you love to do. I love running, a friend of mine loves her Zumba classes. Let's face it if you don't like doing the activity it will seem like work and a chore and you will find excuses not to do it.

4. Set a goal and reward yourself - When I decided to take up running I set my ultimate goal of doing a half marathon but I had small goals all the way in my training. My first was a 5k and upon completing that I rewarded myself with a fleece running vest I had been wanting. The next goal was a 10k which I rewarded myself with a Columbia ski jacket that I wanted. Then the half marathon was actually the reward. I signed up for the Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon which is held at Huntington Beach California. It was a great weekend trip with 30,000 other runners, a beautiful hotel room that overlooked the ocean, a health expo, and the run was breath taking along the beach with bands every mile. Goals and rewards will keep your motivation up.

5. Make your workout social time - Most of my running time is done on my own but when I was living in Dallas every Saturday morning I would meet my girlfriends at White Rock Lake and we would run the lake (9.2 miles). It didn't even feel like a workout because we were too busy talking about our week, dating, etc. then on Sunday we would meet for yoga with brunch afterwards. Believe me workouts are way less painful when sharing with friends.

The Physical Prepper Challenge - Foundation

The three basics we want in this challenge are




When SHTF you will need all three of these elements so setup your Prepper challenge to include these.

My challenge will be structured this way.

Endurance - Running 4x's per week
Strength - Weight and resistance training 3x's per week
Flexability - Yoga 2x's per week

I will be making a Prepper Challenge page where we can share our workouts, goals, and experience. Keep in mind that these will apply to the physical demands of the WROL like carrying your BOB, gathering firewood, building shelter, etc.

Will you be the Biggest Prepper?

Be prepared, not sorry