Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bug In Or Bug Out?

This is not a simple question because depending on the crisis at hand either may be right or wrong, so let's take a look at some reasoning for each. For myself I plan to stay put as long as it's safely possible, because of course the majority of my preps are where I am but I have the triggers in place that will get me to leave.
I have heard many people say "I have this remote bugout place that I am going to when it gets bad". Here are the questions I put to them.

1. How far away is it? 
If this remote place is more than 50 miles (or 2 days walk) from you how do you plan on getting there? If people are fleeing like you are there will be traffic tie ups, panicked people, and perhaps already gangs of looters just waiting to take whatever you have. If it's more than 50 miles you may never make it there. Do you have at least 4 different routes to get to your place? Have you drilled these routes so you know them by heart? Do you have cashes buried along the way so you can restock? Have you ever stayed on this place and know where to obtain water? Know the topical graphical layout of the land for security and hunting purposes? Most people say they will bug out to the woods but have no clue how to get there in a SHTF scenario or what to do when they get there. And if it's more than 50 miles like some I know have theirs hundreds of miles away you better have a great plan to leave early or chances are you won't make it.

 2. I'm not leaving I have all my preps and tons of ammo and I can ride it out. Really? Are you will to bet your life and your families lives on it? Alot of people said that with Hurricane Katrina and they paid the ultimate price. Being a prepper means you prepare for any kind of danger not just the man made ones. If you have a wild fire headed toward you are you going to sit there and burn? No you are gonna get out of it's way. So do you have a plan to bug out? Have a more than one location chosen that are at the farthest 2 days walk because you may not be able to use your vehicle. Make sure your bugout bag is current for the season at all times. Make sure you have cashes buried along the way that has fresh water, food, ammo, and clothes in it. Remember no preps are worth your life! 


 I made this video a few years ago and it still holds true. Make a plan A B C D E...make sure your family knows it and...drill drill drill!

Bug In Bug Out?

Be prepared, not sorry.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Clinton Inc

I try to stay away of the political circus on my blog but with all the craziness, corruption, the further decay of the government along with the Constitution and our way of life I just feel compelled to write this. Now before I get hate email please read this whole article and realize by the first amendment I have the right to say what I feel just as you do but no to sound flippant, but this is my blog so I trump you.
Now Trump has some serious character flaws and a HUGE ego I get that but to my knowledge he hasn't commited murder. Clinton should have never been allowed to ever get on the ticket because of one issue....


Chris Stevens wrote her 600 emails pleading for help and more security. He went unanswered and the reason for this was because Clinton was receiving large donations from wealthy people in that area to the Clinton Foundation which I would rather call it Clinton Inc. So four Americans died,  which all of this was proven and is fact not something myself or conspirators made up. So why wasn't she charged? Good question?
Next question.
Why was she using a private server and permanently disposed of 33,000 emails after she had already been subpoenaed? When someone does something like that they are usually hiding something and it must be pretty big to to get rid of 33, 000 emails. Any other government employee that would have done that would have been charged, convicted, and in prison probably for life. But not Clinton? The DOJ and the FBI both said she mishandled classified documents and there was a possibility our enemies intercepted them. Her husband met with the Secretary of the DOJ on the tarmac in her aircraft 3 days before the FBI's decision and then Clinton said herself that she would be keeping her on as Secretary. So why wasn't she charged? Good question?
Next question.
Why is there a mass body count behind Clinton? Lots of suicides? Mysterious deaths?

This Rise

Good question?
Trump has his issues but the way I look at it "what has a career politician ever done for me?" Allowed my job and thousands of others to go over seas, break the working class to the point that most people can't afford to own a home, have savings, or retire. Allow those who know how to work the system and will vote Democratic to bankrupt this country. 8 years of Obama has not done 1 single thing for this country and quite frankly I can't afford another 4!! Can you? 
The next President will appoint 3 to 4 New Supreme Court Justices who will decide the judiciary future of our country for decades. I think if you are a Christian you know the impact that will hold for Pro Life.
I used to be in broadcasting and I implore you to not listen to the lies, and noise they are trying to make regarding Trump. All media is controlled by Democratic liberals and if you couldn't see that bias in the debates or in the daily headlines you really need to take a class in broadcasting. I know the spins that they are creating right now, how they are controlling and and managing the American people. You need to get out and vote.

What lies ahead
Now I am not saying that Trump is our country's savior but I think he may be a glimmer of hope, a step back from the edge that I think we are on. 

No matter who wins be prepared
Because it won't be pretty. I think what happened in 2008 is nothing to what lies ahead no matter who the President is.

I am sorry..
I should have wrote this a long time ago but I didn't want to offend sponsors or my readers but on the other hand I have done a great disservice to you by not giving you a better heads up to prepare. Hopefully as avid readers you have been preparing. I honestly hope I am wrong but I fear I am not, you need to be prepared to weather this storm because I feel it will be a long one.

Be prepare, not sorry   

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole

 I actually caught this recipe one day when I was at work on The Chew. Now I did a bit of tweaking on this because there is a local restaurant called "Perrin Brewery"  They have the best sweet potato fries with a garlic dipping sauce that I just love! So I have crossed the 2.

4 large sweet potatoes
1 package turkey kielbasa
1 large onion
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
olive oil
6 large eggs

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Peel and dice the sweet potatoes into a large mixing bowl. Then cut the turkey kielbasa into chunks and add to the bowl. Then apply just enough olive oil to coat the sweet potatoes. Slice and dice the onion and add to sweet potatoes. Place in a 9x13 glass casserole pan. Then sprinkle the paprika and crushed red pepper over top. I actually use more red pepper than I call for but I like it a bit more warm. Place in the oven for 45mins. At 45mins pull it out and crack the eggs on top and place back in the oven for 20mins.

The dipping sauce I just take tartar sauce and add some minced garlic to it. ENJOY!!