Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prepping On A Budget Part 2

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Dollar Stores

I love these for first aid/cleaning products and water purification. I can buy two bottles of peroxide, a tube of generic neosporin, a gallon of bleach (for water purification and self defense)......All for $1 each. I also buy a package of Kotex pads that work as a great as wound dressings.

Second Hand Stores

I like these for clothing, camping, building supplies and believe it or not vehicles. Some second hand stores are non profit such as Habitat for Humanity, Boats and Car Ministries, and of course Goodwill. Builders will donate extra building supplies to Habitat for Humanity for write off's on their taxes. If you are building your retreat you can get cabinets, counter tops, doors etc. all at deep discounts.  You can donate your car or boat to the Angel Ministries and take $500 off your taxes, I have done this when I donated a Dodge Intrepid when it blew an engine. They rebuild and resell.


This is a great place but buyer beware of what you buy and your safety. I'm sure many of you have heard about the Craigslist Serial Killer or the person that bought something that was totally a lemon. I will look thru these adds and you can find some gems. I purchased a Coleman lantern, cooler, and air mattress (all only used once) for $12. If you decide you have found something that you want to buy meet that individual in a very public place like MacDonald's and DO NOT GO ALONE!


I have to admit I am an Ebay addict. If I haven't bought anything in a month they are sending me a "We miss you" email. I purchased my truck on there in 2004 and I still have it and drive it everyday. It is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I purchased 46 acres in Maine in 2001 sight unseen, lived there for a year and sold it at a $10,000 profit. Ebay is a gamble on what you get so you really need to do your homework. On the land in Maine I did a title search to make sure the title was free and clear and I did the same with the truck.

There are gems for prepping everywhere and the biggest thing I want to stress is do your homework and make lists! I make lists for absolutely everything. Lists for what I need in food, ammo, first aid, storage, clothes, etc. With making these lists it will help you keep your spending in check and show what you lack in so you can prioritize.

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Be prepared, not sorry

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prepping On A Budget

Being a single woman and lately on the roller coaster ride of unemployment I have to prep on a very limited budget. This next statement is very sexist so I apologize but men tend to want the shiny new, things that go boom, explode, and or cause great bodily harm. But women tend to gravitate more naturally toward the practical and go for the needs versus the wants. Men may be the hunter gatherers but women are the hoarder, storer, and preparer for the next critical moment. I think it is that mother bear instinct where we are always thinking ahead. The problem with all this which I have seen in the prepper world is that the man tends to allocate most of the prepping budget to what he wants and the woman tends to go with the flow. But believe me you can prep on a limited budget and here are some of my favorites.

Yard/Garage Sale

I have purchased most of my prepping supplies at these little treasure chests. Canning supplies, camping equipment, fishing and hunting equipment, and the list goes on. When my sons were young I purchased a military cabin tent that could house 6 men and had a vent opening that a wood stove pipe could run through for $100 that normally run used for about $800. My sons and I wore that thing out,  it took all of use to put the it up but there was so much room that it was incredible and made out of the heavy canvas and not the flimsy nylon. I have purchased a $79 fishing rod and reel for $6, a water bath canner for $1, a -20 degree sleeping bag that look absolutely brand new for $2.50, the list goes on. One word of caution sometimes you are getting such good deals that you buy more stuff than you actually need. Always look at something and say to yourself "Do I really need this?"

Estate Auctions

I LOVE THESE! What I love about these is the variety of things you can obtain. I tend to lean toward the auctions that are farm. I purchased a counter top hand crank meat grinder for $5.00, a whole box of mason jars and canning supplies for a $1.00, and the best thing about these auctions is you will not have to drag your prepper man kicking and screaming to them because majority of the time these auctions have tractors, farming equipment, hunting/fishing equipment, and ............GUNS. A word of caution here also, because these are auctions and you are bidding against others you may get carried away and spend more than you intended. What I normally do is I go early and scope out everything that I want, write it down along with the limit I will pay for it and that keeps my spending in check.

Part 2 will look at some other ways to prep on a budget.

Be prepared, not sorry.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mother Nature Provides The Lessons For Prepping Part 2

In November 2011 I published the first post of "Mother Nature Provides The Lessons For Prepping" and now in the aftermath of Sandy I wanted reiterate and update this. 

Growing up on a farm you have to be a prepper. We canned, butchered our own meat, hunted, and of course grew our own crops. It's just what you did.. After Katrina hit that's when I kicked prepping into high gear, I seen that Mother Nature is not bias in race, how much money you have, or where you live. She can unleash her wrath anytime and anywhere and it amazes me on how (sorry to say but it's the truth) foolish and unprepared people are. Our own government says you should have at least 3 days of food and water in your house for emergencies.  And it breaks my heart and angers me when I see people dumpster diving and standing in lines to just get fresh water.

It doesn't matter where you live..Mother Nature can hurl anything your way

I don't care where you live in this country Mother Nature can hurl anything at you...wild fires, earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, flood, and blizzards. I live in Michigan and our weather is relatively easy compared to some other parts of the country. But I remember when I was young we had the "Great Blizzard of 1978". That blizzard brought the state of Michigan to a grinding halt for 2 weeks. People died and froze to death because they were unprepared. Thank god we had plenty of food, both wood and fuel oil furnaces, my mother had the good sense of filling the bathtub and anything that could hold water before the storm hit so we had water to drink, she also had plenty of oil lamps, we filled 55 gallon drums of water prior to the storm, and we had a creek running thru our property so all we had to do was clear a path with the tractors and break thru the ice for the livestock to drink after the storm. The only disruptions in my life was no TV or school.

So what can Mother Nature do to you?

Be prepared for what Mother nature can throw at you. Now I'm sorry if this offends people and it's my opinion and blog so I can voice it, but in both cases of Hurricane Katrina and Sandy I seen the satellite images and thought "this is a Monster get the hell out of Dodge!" and both times I seen people on the news laughing saying "it was no big deal and they were going to ride it out". That is just stupid and how many paid the ultimate price for that?

Nothing you own is worth your life or families life.

Now most of us myself included plans on bugging in when SHTF but I am not foolish enough to think that plan will hold together forever and situations arise where I may have to have the alternate plan. I have plans A, B, C, and you?

*What if your location is overrun by individuals wanting what you have?

*What if Mother Nature makes it impossible to stay at your location such as a wild fire or flood?

If you don't have backup plans start NOW! Here are suggestions for plan B, C, and D

Choose 3 different alternate locations. All must be within a 3 day walk because in the case of an EMP or mass ciaos you may not be able to use your vehicle. Bury cashes along the way so you don't have to carry 3 days worth of food and water. Bury them next to a landmark you will easily remember like a huge tree or road sign etc because in a critical situation you don't want to be scratching your head trying to remember where your cashes are. I like to use plastic tubs because they are fairly inexpensive and very easy to make water tight.

My bugout bag is only designed to keep me for 3 days and or to get me to my next cashe' or bugout location if for some reason I can't get to my cashes. I have 3 different ways to make fire, a few protein bars, first aid kit, water filtration tabs and bottle, a small fishing kit, hand gun, rope, change of clothes, knife, and across the back my bow and arrows. Now I know I'm going to get people saying you need this or that in your bag but I stick to what I have said it is only designed for 3 days of survival MAX. And if you have every prepper gadget known to man in your bugout bag you will NEVER be able to carry it for a long distance so therefore it's useless and may cost you your life. You want to move quickly and efficiently to get away from the danger.

My cashes contain individual wrapped protein bars, a couple cans of ready to eat from the can meals that are high calorie and protein. 4 bottles of water. Bullets. A pair of socks, because you want your feet dry and comfortable to carry you to your destination. A small battery operated radio because if possible you want to know whats going on around you and if anything is standing between you and your bugout location. Hopefully you have your locations stocked and ready for when you arrive.

I can't stress this enough "have alternate plans" .

Be prepared, not sorry