Weekly Preps

As preppers we may feel isolated and sometimes we need motivation. My hopes for this page is to gain motivation, inspiration, and to educate.

11-28-12 My preps this week included 10lbs each of beans and rice. 1 Slingshot. 1 BB gun. 1 tube neosporin, 4 gals of homemade wine, 10 cans of food, 6 jars of peanut butter, 1 pkg of 9 rolls of toilet paper, 1pkg of 12 kotex pads, and 10 broad heads.

1-4-12 10 cans of pasta, 3lbs of rice, 1 bottle of peroxide, 1 tube neosporin, 1 bottle of 250 tablets of 500mg of amoxicillan.

2-2-13 5lbs rice, 10 cans of veggies, 2 cans of coffee, and 1 12 pack of toilet paper

3-16-13 1 dozen carbon arrows, 1 dozen field tips, 1 dozen broad heads, 10 cans soup, 2 tracking lines, 5lbs brown rice, 2pkgs of 9 rolls of toilet paper, 1 bottle perioxide. Started 5 tomato plants and 4 pepper plants seedlings for garden.

3-29-13 1 fishing pole, 1 pkg of 24 hooks, 1 pkg of 24 sinkers, 4 fishing lures, 1 fillet knife, 1 pair of fish filleting gloves, 1 splitting maul, 2 boxes of pasta, 4 cans of tomato sauce, started 2 more tomato and 9 spinach seedlings. Started 3 gallons of wine.


Anonymous said...

Your rice and beans and cans etc. that you are buying, do uou just store them or are you using the oldest you buy and just manage the amount you want on hand?

Terri said...

Great question! The average person on a 2000 calorie diet needs appox. 2500lbs of food per year. Because I hunt and fish I feel comortable with 2000lbs. I rotate my stored foods. I do use my oldest preps and many times when I do my weekend workshops I will take my oldest preps with me and use them just like I would in a WROL situation and teaching for my students.

Anonymous said...

2500 pounds divided by 365 days is 6.8 pounds of food a day. Are you sure about that number?