Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Women And Self Defense

I just wanted to do a brief piece on women and self defense. The average woman, as we all know, isn't physically capable of defending herself from the average male. This isn't a slight against women mind you. It’s simple genetics. Physiologically speaking, a woman carries all her strength in her lower body, and has a weak upper body.
How do we change this? One, strength training. A good upper body strength training routine will do wonders for you. You don't have to be a bodybuilder, or "look manly" as I hear so many women say when I mention this. As a matter of fact, if you can bench press your body weight, you are considered strong. Anything more is just gravy. With the average woman hovering between 130-140 pounds, that doesn't seem so unattainable now does it?
Second, firearms training. Why? Several reasons. "Less lethal" pepper spray or taser type devices don't work 100% of the time. There's no guarantee it will work on your assailant for various reasons. Drug/alcohol addiction and/or natural pain tolerance is two of the biggest reasons. A bullet, properly placed, works every time. I don't care how high someone is. You put a slug in his nugget and its lights out. A firearm is the only self defense weapon that works all the time, with proper shot placement.
Now, as to choosing that firearm.....I recommend a snubby revolver for several reasons. It’s very reliable and less likely to jam. Most assaults against women are very up close and personal. Women are infinitely more likely to be sexually assaulted than men. You can punch a revolver up in a rapists guts, pull the trigger and ruin his whole day. You can't do that with a semi because if the slide is even slightly out of battery, the weapon won't fire. A snub nosed revolver is perfect for this kind of close in fighting.
My second recommended defensive weapon for females is the push knife. It requires no skill to use, other than making a fist. And it is very, very hard to disarm someone with one. Going back to attacks on women are going to be mostly up close and personal, the push knife is perfect for this type of scenario. Make a fist and start punching. You will cut or stab everywhere you touch on your attacker. Do it, and keep doing it until the threat is over.
And last, train your mind. Ladies, there may come a day to where you are in a contest. There won't be anyone to ring a bell. No one to cheer you on. As a matter of fact, the only thing you will win at the end of this contest is your life. Prepare your mind now. Get into the survival mindset. Observe your surroundings. Always have a plan. Have a back up to that plan. Tell yourself now that if you are threatened with bodily harm you WILL survive, and you WILL do what is needed to disable your attacker. Study up on the color coded threat levels and apply them to your everyday life.
Don't think "I can't." Think "I can and I will." A lioness may be smaller than a lion....but no less deadly when provoked. Remember that.

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As far as a hangun for the ladies, I would strongly suggest the Taurus Judge. It can be loaded with both .45 rounds or 410 shotgun shells. As women may not have the physical strength to handle a larger firearm, the short nosed Judge, loaded with a 00 slug will give all the knock-back and knock-down she should need to put her attacker down immediately. The common mistake is for a smaller woman to either choose something too small, because she wants something that is easy to shoot, or to get something too big to wield properly because she thinks it will be better. The Judge is a medley of both concepts granting the ease of use as well as the power without the weight.

Alternating the loadout between .45 rounds and shotgun shells is ideal. Two pulls of the trigger provides the penetration of the .45 and the impact of the 00 slugs.