Thursday, August 25, 2011

SHTF Is Not The Only Reason To Prep

As we are witnessing right now with Irene bearing down on the East Coast, prepping for the SHTF scenario is not the only reason to prep. This should also be a learning exercise for us all. North Carolina is under a mandatory evacuation order, so this poses several questions which you should consider no matter where you live because a natural can happen no matter what part of the country you live in.

I have to leave but I planned on "Bugging In" and all my preps are here so how much do I and can I take? What is my evacuation plan? Where am I going to, to ride out the storm? My BOB is stocked for 3 days but what if I can't return for days or weeks?

Katrina taught many people hard lessons about not having a plan and "riding the storm out". With many that decision cost them their lives and the ones that did survive had to endure looting, homelessness, and devastation that is still present.

No home or possessions is worth your life or your family’s life. 

As preppers we get caught up in how much food we have stored, how many weapons and ammunition we have stock piled, but very little if any thought has gone into having a plan for evacuation (bug out). With most people (myself included) you have 1 bug out plan, 1 route, 1 destination. You not only need a plan B but you need a C, D, E, and F.

All the questions I posed to you above, you need to have an answer and a contingency plan for each of them in 5 different scenarios. 5 different evacuation routes, 5 different destinations, etc. What if the roads you plan on taking are closed due to floods? What if you location is where the devastation is centered? What if you can't make it back home for weeks?

 Things to consider when making your plans, how quickly you can get out, do you have stores (cache’s) along your route, supplies that can last weeks if necessary.

This is my challenge to you and myself....Come up with 5 different contingency bug out plans.

Be prepared, not sorry.


riverwalker said...

You also need to plan for the possibility that you may have to use alternate methods of transportation. there is always the possibility you may have to walk out and this will limit your options as well. How much can you realistically carry or do you have sufficient items at your bug out location to satisfy this need.

You should also plan for a long range bug-out option. What if you have to travel several hundred miles to get into a safe area? Do you have a contingency plan to cover this possibility? Let's hope so!

You will most definitely need a variety of options in your plans to cover short term requirements as well as the possibility that you will have to bug out for a longer period of time if necessary.

While "bugging in" should be considered your best option, it may not be viable in a "real world" scenario.


Terri said...

Thanks RW for the additional considerations.

Scott R said...

+1 to what RW said, one can not have too many options...

craftbyrd said...

I have a question? Where is everyone going to bug out to? I'm being sincere here. I have always had this in the back of my mind. Get in the car and go but then the thought of what do I do when the car runs out of gas and where the heck am I going to go?