Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prepping On A Budget Part 2

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Dollar Stores

I love these for first aid/cleaning products and water purification. I can buy two bottles of peroxide, a tube of generic neosporin, a gallon of bleach (for water purification and self defense)......All for $1 each. I also buy a package of Kotex pads that work as a great as wound dressings.

Second Hand Stores

I like these for clothing, camping, building supplies and believe it or not vehicles. Some second hand stores are non profit such as Habitat for Humanity, Boats and Car Ministries, and of course Goodwill. Builders will donate extra building supplies to Habitat for Humanity for write off's on their taxes. If you are building your retreat you can get cabinets, counter tops, doors etc. all at deep discounts.  You can donate your car or boat to the Angel Ministries and take $500 off your taxes, I have done this when I donated a Dodge Intrepid when it blew an engine. They rebuild and resell.


This is a great place but buyer beware of what you buy and your safety. I'm sure many of you have heard about the Craigslist Serial Killer or the person that bought something that was totally a lemon. I will look thru these adds and you can find some gems. I purchased a Coleman lantern, cooler, and air mattress (all only used once) for $12. If you decide you have found something that you want to buy meet that individual in a very public place like MacDonald's and DO NOT GO ALONE!


I have to admit I am an Ebay addict. If I haven't bought anything in a month they are sending me a "We miss you" email. I purchased my truck on there in 2004 and I still have it and drive it everyday. It is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I purchased 46 acres in Maine in 2001 sight unseen, lived there for a year and sold it at a $10,000 profit. Ebay is a gamble on what you get so you really need to do your homework. On the land in Maine I did a title search to make sure the title was free and clear and I did the same with the truck.

There are gems for prepping everywhere and the biggest thing I want to stress is do your homework and make lists! I make lists for absolutely everything. Lists for what I need in food, ammo, first aid, storage, clothes, etc. With making these lists it will help you keep your spending in check and show what you lack in so you can prioritize.

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