Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Childrens Role In The Retreat

Do your children have a role in your retreat?

I grew up on the family farm. What that means is "everyone" contributes to the operation of that farm. I remember I was driving tractors before my feet could reach the pedals. I remember driving the tractor and the baler while my brothers stacked the bails on the wagon.

When I was in my teenage years my brothers had left home and so it was my job to wake before school and take care of steers, chickens, pigs, and my horse, then I repeated this in the evening. Also it was my job to take care of treatments, wounds, and on many occasions emergency situations where I had to "wing it".

This taught me responsibility, work ethic, and the most important.......self-reliance...

When I was in Alaska I was impressed by the kids with their skills, self reliance and the best example of this is the "Junior Iditarod". These kids as young as 9 compete in a 125 mile out and back course which is a overnight run. They are out there alone in sub zero temps with their teams and they just take it in stride very naturally.

They know how to survive, hunt, fish, drive quads, snowmobiles, and avoid danger. It is second nature to them.

I have heard several parents say they want to shelter their children and I think this is the absolutely worst thing they can do to their children. Children can be an important asset to the retreat. They can tend livestock, gardens, food preparation, and depending on age and skill they can contribute to security.

Teach them now.....

Teach your children to use weapons, prepare food, fish..etc. Use this as family bonding time. Go camping, teach them to build fire, build shelter, fish, navigate, etc. It doesn't have to be gloom and doom it can be lasting fun family memories.

Valuable memories that can contribute to the retreat and maybe save their lives...

Be prepared, not sorry.

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