Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mother Nature Provides The Lessons For Prepping

Mother Nature Provides The Lessons For Prepping

As preppers we prepare for EMP's, economic collapse, and some even prepare for zombies but not too many give thoughts to natural disasters. Mother Nature can be just as deadly and unpredictable as the East Coast has been realizing over the last few months and these scenarios are played out over and over but yet many are caught unprepared.

A 5.8 magnitude earth quake rocked Virginia on Aug 23 and evacuated many locations in Washington and put 2 nuclear power plants offline. Hurricane Irene on Aug 29 killed 33 people, power outage to 4 million people, and caused 2 million to evacuate. Last weeks snow storm has claimed 15 lives with 2 million without power last week and as the writing of this post close to 200,000 were going on their 2nd week without power.

Don't say it can't happen where you live

I don't care where you live, it can happen to you. There is not a place in this country that is immuned to a natural disaster. It could be hurricane, flood, wildfire, tornado, snow storm, earthquake, or volcano (remember Mt. Saint Helens?)

I remember the great blizzard of 78 in Michigan. 55 people in Michigan alone died due to that storm. Many were without power for 3 weeks. Thank god my parents heated with wood, we had a huge pantry, and life really wasn't altered too much for us except for no tv etc. We had huge 55 gal drums and a creek running thru our property so we would fill these up to water the livestock and we heated over a fire outdoors to bath in. My father worked for the county and they had a generator so he would fill up containers of drinking water to bring home.

My challenge to you

The east coast has teaching lessons. Be prepared! This is the minimum you need to prepare for NOW!

*1 month food and water for each person in your family
You may think this is overwhelming but just work at it. How over wheming would it be if you are unprepared with nothing and your family is in jeopardy?

* Alternate heat source and 1 month supply for it
If you have a fireplace or wood stove have a 1 month supply cut and seasoned. If its kerosene again 1 month.

* Alternate cooking source
If you have a grill 1 month supply charcoal or gas. I strongly urge you to have a rocket stove. There are plenty of videos on to show you how to build one and I will be posting a DIY to make one.

*Bugout location with supplies
You may want to bug in but be prepared. There may be reasons that arise that you can not stay in your home. What's your plan B?

* 1 vehicle with a full tank of gas that can carry all the family along with bugout bags and some supplies
You may have to leave and you don't want a vehicle that can't carry the whole family or not have enough gas to get you to your bugout location.

Don't let this be overwhelming. Just work at it.

Be prepared, not sorry.


Scott R said...

Very good post Terri, many people are in the mindset of " It can't happen to me" and then it does. Your personal safety and security should be your own responsibility yet far too many think that the .gov fema division will help them and that's a false sense of security.

Terri said...

yeah in 78 I don't think there was a FEMA? If there was we didn't hear or know about it in Michigan in 78.
You need to depend on yourself........period


I work with FEMA and I have worked in disaster management for the better part of a decade, I'm also a storm watcher with the national weather service. I can tell you with certainty, that there are 2 counties in northern WI that have not been subject to any official or large scale natural disasters in recorded history. Not a single tornado or damaging flood. The statistician in me is screaming that it means they're in for a huge one, but that has yet to occur.

Not to diminish your warning, Ill leave another fact, a disaster doesn't need to be something so huge that it is declared a disaster. A tree limb crashing through your roof in a "Wrath of the frost giants" kind of snow storm. Not an official disaster but to your family it can be life & Death. Anything from a tire blow out in a far away (no cell coverage) backwater, to a major home gas-leak. Personal disasters can be as hair raising and dangerous as the big ones.

Our training has covered everything from tornadoes, to earthquakes to train derailments and hazardous Material release to ... you name it.

The scariest disasters are the ones nobody knows about that only happen to you and you know nobody is coming to help except you. That is what you need to keep in mind. If things go bad, just like hurricane Katrina, the uniformed responders will be saving their own friends and families or evacuating themselves. YOU MAY BE LEFT ON YOUR OWN.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy said...

Hi Terri,

excellent advice,and you're right to challenge people to take responsibility for their own survival. In a big earthquake or other natural disaster, rescue personnel and law enforcement will be overwhelmed. Those who prepare will have the best chance of coming through unscathed.

I posted an article on earthquake preparedness just the other day at I'd like your comments on it if you get a chance...

Thanks! Dr. Bones

Terri said...

Thanks and excellent post Dr.Bones!