Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Physical Toll When SHTF Part 1

Can you physically handle the future after SHTF?

Have you thought about the changes your body will go thru after the SHTF? Your diet will change dramatically along with the physical demands. Your day to day living will consist of activities that are grueling physical labor that is needed to survive.

*Gathering/Chopping Wood
*Food Preparation and Storage
*Growing and Tending Gardens
*Tending Livestock

And the list goes on and on.....

Take a good look at yourself right now and ask the question

"Am I in physical shape to handle the SHTF if it happened right now?"

If your answer like mine is "NO" than maybe it is time to start working on that issue right now. The next few posts I will be dedicating to this subject because literally your life and your families life depends on this. If you die in the first few days of a WROL situation from a heart attack game over for you and those who are depending on you.

Thank you EastTennesseePrepper for being brave enough to take on this scenario, show the vulnerabilities, and sharing them with us.

Be prepared, not sorry

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Scott R said...

So very true, we have a very soft life for the most part we take far to much for granted, life post wrol will be very tough.