Tuesday, December 13, 2011

False Information... A Test??

If you have or have not heard this past weekend, survivalist and prepper boards, blogs, email, and You Tube were buzzing with information that federal agents raided a LDS cannery in Tennessee trying to obtain customer lists. This information so far seems to be false and it has caused an uproar and apparent rift in the prepper community. SouthernBellePrepper has ties in the LDS community and decided to do her own investigation which is great that she took it upon herself to not take this story at face value.

Once it began coming to light that this was false information SouthernPrepper1 made a video that many lost the points that he was trying to make about sticking together and how the government is always throwing out false rumors and propaganda to test a foe on how they will react, to gain recon, or to cover their own tracks. My brother served during Vietnam and used to talk about the government doing this all the time.

Again I want to reiterate the points that SP1 was trying to make. Stick together and its fine to report anything you deem worthy but take it with a grain of salt and don't be afraid to dig. I am convinced this was purely done by the government to test the prepper communities reaction. To gauge how we will react and with how much resistance we will put up.

Information and networking is vital in the prepper community and we can't be afraid to share or take it personally if for some reason the information is false as in this case. Knowledge is power and we can't allow fear or ego to strip us of that.

Thank you SBP and SP1 for all you do for the prepping community.

Be prepared, not sorry