Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Food Prices Increasing....Backup Plans Part 1

Food prices have skyrocketed since 2010 and now as we near the end of 2011 from January 2010 to December 2011 the price of eggs rose a total 24.8%, milk 12.2%, Beef 14.6%, Vegetables 14.9%, Fruits 16.9%, and grains are at 13.8% but are expected to skyrocket in 2012 due to the many droughts of 2011 and the increased consumption by foreign countries along with the demands of bio fuels.

Only 2% of the United States population produce food.

From my perspective in 2010 to now the price difference in some of the things I buy..

    2010                                                                Now

Totinos Pizza $.98                                               $1.59
1 gal of 2% Milk $1.29                                       $2.89
Bread $.99                                                          $1.89
Eggs $.99                                                            $1.89
Beef Roast $9.90                                                $14.69

I have like most of you had to make that dollar stretch farther than I ever have. I find myself shopping at the Dollar Store more, use more coupons, and really search for deals. When you factor in the price of fuel it may seem like a losing battle. Here are some of the things I am doing to help with these prices and also try to prep.

The store that I do much of my grocery shopping at offers customer rewards each week, like 1 free item (this week it was a free box of pasta) They also award points for every dollar you spend and you can use these points to trade in for free groceries. They always have the buy 1 get 1 free and lately they have been offering soups, box dinners, and meat buy 5 get 5 free (this really helps on the prepping) They have their own gas station and when you spend so many dollars on groceries you get a discount on gas. (usually between 3 and 5 cents per gallon)

Make A Grocery List

I am a compulsive list maker and I always go to the store with a list and very seldom do I buy extra. By making a list and sticking to it you will find that you can keep your spending in check. Most grocery stores send out a weekly deal flyer, you can make your list and coupons accordingly. Also if possible try not to take your children shopping with you because as you mothers know your kids are victims of the advertising world and want what they see on TV so you will tend to spend more if you have them along.

20% For Prepping

Because I am single I spend $100 every two weeks for groceries and 20% ($20.00) of that goes toward prepping. Now mind you I will make a pot of chili (or large batch of something) that will feed me all week plus freeze a few containers.

Pack A Lunch

It amazes me how many people I know that will eat fast food or run to the corner convenience store and buy their lunch? $5 to $10 a day adds up! I have always packed my lunch just to save that money and also I like my stuff better than some heart attack in a sack.

Let me know how you save on the price of food and prepping.

Be prepared, not sorry


Ellen said...

I have had to make lists as the last 6 months I have been off track with my rotational and some long term foods.
I realize that some of it was because I felt that I now could afford to save up and get some of the higher end things needed to survive even if it ended up now ending with a perpetual camping lifestyle.
I folded a piece of paper lenthwise then on the left put Have and on the left Have Nots.
On the have side the first to list was Food and under it I put "refer to inventory". Then on the left put the things I am lacking such as all long term dairy products.
My list on the right contain titles like I say started with food, then kitchen (as in hand tools). Water etc.
Then I estimated what I could spend a month to obtain these items missing from the right and listed on the left.
I then folded a paper in half and Put the 12 months on it. Under each month I have listed what I believe I can purchase to fill in the blanks of my prepping.
Now this does not include money that I will spend on rotational prepping items nor regular groceries.
If nothing happens by the end of the year I think I will have obtained a great portion of what I planned to get on the lists. And I believe I will be able to double up several times in the year.
If I stick to this plan and budget believe I will be far better off than now.

Terri said...

Wow fantastic tips thank you for sharing...looks like I have a fellow list maker!


I have been using this blog as a reference so often, I should probably give you a special thanks. I have been trying to convince people about rising food prices for a long time. I send them a link to your blog and they look at the listed foods and apparently it hits home. I have a special needs friend who is being cared for by a mutual friend.

That mutual friend recently called me about what he believed was an astronomical rise in food consumption by our mutual special needs friend.

The complaint was that although he is still spending the same amount of money she provides for food, it seems to be lasting half as long.

I tried to explain that, not only are food prices rising, the amount you get for the money is dropping too. I told him to look at portion sizes and package info. He was shocked to see that, compared to even just a year ago, there have been major changes to the amount you get for the price you pay.

I explained that he will have to supplement entree purchases with bulks such as rice and pasta. People on fixed incomes will suffer greatly if they did not plan ahead and buy in bulk when prices were favorable instead of the expensive habit of simply shopping for what they want every few days.

I will stop babbling... Keep up the good work.

Terri said...

Thank you SO what a great compliment and thanks for spreading the word!