Monday, March 11, 2013

Prepper Recycling

Growing up on the farm my mom was and still is the Queen of recycling, even before it was cool! She croqueted plastic bread wrappers into rugs...yes rugs! She would also take a rag clothes and do the same thing. They actually lasted a long time and when then had had it they were tossed.

Mayo jars will also support some canning lids. Seeds like melon, flower, and herbs were stored in baby food jars in the basement.
And of course rag clothes were also made into quilts.

One of my favorite things which I have just started is getting my garden started indoors. I absolutely love this because it is so cheap and easy. I take my 2 litre soda bottles and turn them into self watering starter grows for my veggies. You cut the bottle in half and and I poke holes in the cap and the plant draws water as it needs it.

How would you like to say goodbye to your power company?

For about $160 dollars you can start generating your own power. I will be putting out a step by step DVD soon on how to build this but with a $20 alternator, a $10 piece of PVC and cap, a $40 converter, and 3 car batteries at $30 a piece... you can start making your own power.

Be prepared, not sorry

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