Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Remedies 2


Like I said I grew up on a farm and home remedies were everywhere. My Granddad farmed with teams and he told me that when they would get a cut he would chew some tobacco and then place it on the cut and wrap it and as it dried it would draw the poison out.

When summer hit I would be barefoot from June until September and when you do that on a farm you are going to step on rusty nails. My Grandma used the same concept on me as my Grandpa did with the horses except she used bread and milk. She would soak the bread in milk and tape it where the wound was (usually the bottom of my feet) and let it dry. Now granted my mom was not so secure in the home remedies and would always run me to the doctors for a tetanus shot.


A home remedy I have discovered on my own was I had a son that suffered from frequent earaches. The doctors wanted to put tubes in his ears but I heard nothing but horror stories on that so that was not going to happen with mine. My Grandma when I had earaches would heat up some olive oil and place it in my ears along with a hot water bottle placed on the ear. With my son I used olive oil along with a hair dryer set on low blowing into the ear. My son never had ear tubes. (becareful on the temp of the oil not to burn inner ear)

Cold Cough

In the earlier post I gave you my Grandma's recipe for cough syrup and now I will give the additive my Dad did. If you have ever noticed if you have the nastiest cold if your outside you don't cough? Why is that? I have no idea but when my kids or myself had a cough I would give them a shot of the homemade syrup and make sure it was COLD..either I reduce the heat to their room or I would drive them around in a cold car. Now be sure I do the same to myself.

Cough/Sore Throat

I talked about cough remedies earlier and the key is the Lemon. Something about that lemon stops that cough and sore throat. The other is honey. I tend to suffer from a sore throat all winter but honey in tea works for me.

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