Friday, April 5, 2013

Survival Retreat: Making A Plan

This is the next installation in the series of the Survival Retreat.

This has been a pretty talked about and sometimes heated topic this week. To be a part of a group or be alone? What kind of skills someone needs to have to join a group? How many preps to have etc...even though it was heated at times........We are talking and exchanging ideas and that is where knowledge comes from. To see both sides, evaluate, and make the right decisions for us.

Thank you to Deborah and are amazing warrior women with vast knowledge and I am so privileged to know you.

Let's look at the questions you should be asking yourself, a potential group, or member to your group. In the last article we talked about how the retreat land/property is owned and held. Again I strongly urge that unless the person owning the property is a relative or a friend that you would trust with your life that you NOT buy into a retreat that you hold no rights/share to the property. I have seen people lose money and their preps this way and that is the reason I am writing this series.

MYTH: There has to be property purchased to have a retreat

For some reason there is this idea that you have to own or be a part of owning a mass amount of property. I live in Michigan where we have thousands and thousands of acres of state forest. I have lived in Alaska where 90% of the state is unpopulated. The most important thing you need is........

A Plan

I can not stress this enough...make your plan NOW!!! One thing that 9-11 taught me as a search and rescue person is you better have an emergency plan because when SHTF communications will me non existant or stretchy at best, travel will be a nightmare, and the media will be trying to control the sheeple hysteria. Make your plan now. If you are going to try to make it on your own or with a group make that plan. When SHTF what is the sequence of events and tasks that must be done? Where do you go? What do you do? What is the list of important things you must do in order. What is your backup plans B C D and E?

If you are staying in your home then your plan needs to consist of have your plan in place now for security, sustainable water and food, and a energy plan. You will not survive without these.

If you or anyone in your survival group does not own property take a hard look at what you do have. Who owns the largest home? Where is the largest piece of land that is not owned by anyone? Make that plan of when SHTF this is the rally point so if there is no communication capability everyone in your group know this is where everyone will gather.

Take some weekends and actually rough it (because welcome to WROL) and go into the state or federal area and find that rally point. Now I know I'm gonna have emails that give me crap about it belongs to the government blah blah blah..believe me when there is a collapse a group of loners in the state forest will be the least of their worries. They will be trying to control the hoards in the cities.

Find that spot that has adequate water and hunting capabilities. And squat...yes you heard me squat..... I have a shelter and fire pit that I use to go hunting and just get away. You better believe me I have preps buried and no one has ever disturbed it because it is that far in and it is camouflaged. It is a good part of a day hike in from the closest road which is a dirt road and 55 miles from a large city so that is my plan E. And this year I will be taking my group there so they can make their own shelters and this will be my whole groups plan E.

My point is you can have a retreat anywhere better have a plan!

Be prepared, not sorry


Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Forgive me of my jaded outlook, but again most preppers I have met with are just posers. While “Rambo” may be able to survive in the wilderness, most people have conditions that prevent this from being an option. Are you going to watch your children or make a lean-to? How will you keep your meds cold? Do you want to hunt and leave your family by themselves?

While you don’t need to own property, you best be close friends with a group that does. With even a little group you have the ability to multi-task. Someone cares for the children (dollars to donuts there will be kids), people to garden/tend to livestock, prepare goods for sale (food, water, etc.), & security.

The goal will be like the country China. Before 1972 they really were not a trading partner of the US. Should the US have been wiped of the map, no big deal to them. Now, if we were gone, there biggest market for export would be gone. (I know they are still a threat, but work with me) If your group is trading honey, eggs, & milk for labor, citrus, & fuel you have doubled your security (in the big picture). While you want to remain secluded initially when the shtf, eventually you would want to have goods & services that others have.

That poor family in the woods eventually may have to leave the kids alone, in search of labor for food. After all there are only so many wild rabbits, onions, & charity.

You definitely need a plan. Start with family, church, close friends to make your group. Decide where to hold up/bug in or out, and start working your plan today. A number of the people I have met with say they have seeds, but have never planted a garden or put up any food. Those are lessons you want to learn now and not under stress. Hey, I am not saying anything most of you have not heard before. What is the saying, “just do it.”

Just my two cents

Terri said...

Everything you said is very need to make a plan NOW so you are prepared and not sorry...thank you for your post!