Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Threat Of All Show And No Go

My grandpa used to have a saying about people who tried to pass themselves off as something they wasn't and that was "All show and no go". In the prepper community we have that and unfortunately they are going to be what I think, a huge threat. These individuals have the mind set of the most guns and stored food will survive and that may true for a "limited amount of time"....

But what happens when WROL goes into overtime?

With no skills to grow food, hunt, improvise or barter what will these people do? A hungry pseudo prepper is going to be a very dangerous person. I always use the aftermath of Katrina as an example because that's what it will be like. Being hungry, thirsty with just enough tactical experience and the moral compass lowered to the mentality of "It's you or me" they will, by force try to take what they need. If they have a military background they also know that strength lies in numbers and may recruit their own private army.

The harsh truth...

I'm sorry but the truth is harsh and a WROL situation is not going to be going back to the Little House on the Prairie days, its going to be survival of the fittest and the most adaptable. Within hours of Katrina blowing thru the looting, rape, and murder began. This past summer with the unbearable heat people were using their AC at astronomical rates and there was a suburb in Wisconsin where the power grid went down for three days. Within only three hours of that grid going down there were armed gangs that began robbing and looting. That was was only three hours what happens when it months or years?

Don't show your hand..

If your like me I like to attend the prepper conferences and network with other preppers but I always keep in mind not to give away too much and choose carefully who I network with. This also goes for the survivalist boards etc. because I have met some pseudo peppers that quite frankly scare the hell out of me and I don't want to be around them right now let alone in a WROL situation. But on the other hand I have met some fantastic preppers that I have learned so much from and very grateful for it. The reason I started this blog was to help women take an active roll in prepping and their survival but still I don't give away information that would put myself in danger in the future.

Skills, Skills, and more Skills...

As I wrote earlier I believe it will be survival of the fittest and the most adaptable that will survive. When I say the fittest I don't mean that so much in the physical sense but the person that knows how to hunt and fish, how to grow food and preserve it, how to barter, how build shelter and fire, first aid, and has tactical sense. I am always trying to learn new skills because you can never in my opinion have enough knowledge. Many preppers play and rely on their strengths because they feel that will get them won't. You have to be adaptable and the skills to adapt to the given situation. My strengths are hunting, fishing, and farming but yet I know this will not carry me thru. I need the tactical experience to protect myself and what I have so, I continue to learn. Work right now the skills you are lacking in so when the time comes you are not "All show and no go"

Be prepared, not sorry


Scott R said...

Great post Terri and I agree that it is the skills that you possess that will make it through a prolonged event, gear, toys and short term supplies will help get you through a short term event only as you can only have just so much on hand. People are by nature just a few meals away from non-civility and are the most dangerous animal out there and they will do anything to anyone for anything, it is a hard thing to prepare for and deal with both mentally and physically, most people focus too much on one area and if you are part of a large group you may be able to get away with that but most are not so therefore it falls upon yourself to learn as much as you can and on as many subjects as you can digest.


I was reading that post then suddenly realized... she was talking about me! At least you might have been. We had a storm take down out grid for multiple days and also had armed thugs marching through the streets assaulting people and openly mugging people in the streets. In this age where everyone relies on cell phones for communications, they don't realize that when there is a cascade grid failure, like what we experiences, all those cell towers you take for granted, become little more than fancy bird perches. When the thugs find out that you can't call the police (they have cell phones too) they get pretty bold because they know they can do as they please. Unless you own a firearm (because the thugs certainly do) you don't have much hope of protecting your self, your home or your children.

My big mean scary dogs were helpful, but the guys with guns get drunk with power, and only a show of superior force will change their minds. (Roach bombs make good crowd dispersal tools too).

Terri, I am always impressed by your posts.


Terri said...

Wow no I wasn't speaking about you but I'm sorry you had to indure that but sounds like it was a pretty harsh reality?


I was fine, and my neighbors on both sides were fine too... When I heard the mob approaching, my assault rifle and I took up a position in the front porch. The thugs realized it was better to assault people and homes where there wasn't a big guy with big homicidal dogs and a combat rifle.
I'm genuinely a peaceful loving person, but when it comes to defending loved ones, I can flip that mental switch and be "that scary survivalist".

and yes, I live in SE WI.