Sunday, November 3, 2013

When To Bug Out - Make The Plan NOW

Like most preppers I talk about bugging out, my bug out bag, and my bug out location but I want to touch on....

When do I bug out and what's the plan?

When To Bug Out - Bug Out Plan

I hear so many preppers say I am going to bug in I have everything I need right here.

But what if??....

* Your location is over run, your supplies are taken and your forced out? Or in case of a natural disaster you have to get out of it's way?

Do you have alternate supplies stored and a alternate safe location? What are the triggers that will put your plan in motion?

* What if your separated from your family at the time of bug out? Do you have a rally point?

In many a crisis we have seen family searching for other family members. Don't be one of these families.

* Plan, Drill, Repeat

I can't stress this enough, plan and drill with your family so it is all second nature and your not standing around looking at each other wondering what you do next.

* Make sure your bug out bag is season ready.

Depending on the time of year should determine what is in your bag. If its winter your don't need bug spray in your bag. It's useless. Take that few minutes at the changing of the seasons to get your bag ready for that season.

Be prepared, not sorry

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