Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Being A Single Goddess Prepper

Being a single women it is always on my mind "how do I stay safe when SHTF?" Let's face it as single woman we are targets and as a prepper you are a rich and easy target. I know this is gonna ruffle feathers but I am being a realist. I don't care what conflict, war, or civil unrest the female population is the one that is the most exploited and desimated.

The whole purpose of my blog is to show women how to survive and thrive.

So the first thing I want to touch on is

No person male or female can do it ALL alone

I don't care what gender you are, you can not do security, forage for food, tend garden, food storage, livestock care all by yourself. Believe me I love being single and self sufficent but I know when the world as we know it crumbles I can't do it all on my own.

So right now while you can,  I urge you to really make a list of your options, do some research and cover your bases now.

1. Look at your current situation.

Take your inventory of your current situation. Are you renting or owning? Can you have a garden or livestock? What are your current preps and how long could you survive? Do you have a support system family or friends that can support you? and have your back? If there is no way you have safe shelter, a way to grow food, hunt, scavage, and have those that will help you to do all these jobs you have to start making a plan.

2. Look for a group.

If you do not currently have a group or support network look for those individuals now! Facebook has a ton of local groups. American Prepper Network. Yahooo Groups. Survivalist Singles. Go to Prepper Expos thats a great place to meet people. I can tell you right now it's very difficult being single and dating because like my last date when we were speaking about tv shows we like and I said I like Doomsday Preppers he started laughing and said "You must like watching kooks and stupid people wasting money" Needless to say that was the first and last date for that guy! Let's face it it's hard being a Survival Goddess!!
This is the first on being single and prepping so I would like to hear your thoughts and hear your comments.

Be prepared, not sorry


Anonymous said...

I totally agree..its harder even for an older single female, responsible for 2 elderly persons on top, who dont really support what I do, but dont discourage me either..but there is no backup..hopefully I will have a solid group to assist if something happens.

Jim said...

There is no question that being part of a group of like minded people is the ideal. However, being part of the wrong group can be worse than being alone. There are far too many groups out there with more guns than brains and no idea how or when to use either. Take extreme care before joining a group because once a part of a group, you are forced to go along with the group's decisions even when you disagree. You could be forced into situations that are not in your best interest or acceptable to you.

Anonymous said...

I think about this constantly. I have no close family. I have a few like-minded friends but I have not brought up the topic of what their plans are post collapse. It's not really safe to talk about preparedness too much. One never knows who is listening. I'm looking forward to reading what you write.

Terri said...

Yes being a single female prepper can be frought with alot of problems. Choosing a group to be a part of can be hard single or as a couple. I have a article regarding choosing a retreat group. Thank you for your great comments!

Terri said...

When I posted this on some Facebook sites I had 1 man that also posted a response on them that said " juat hook up with that will save your ass because there is no way you will survive".....that just shows what a single woman is up against

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right Terri and and Jim.

Tami W said...

I totally agree being a single female and a single mom is very difficult. I have no family that lives close by and I know only a handful of other like-minded people, but due to location, even the ones I know are out of reach!

Terri said...

As single women the odds are not in our favor. But I honestly feel if you have family that you can count on or find a group you improve your odds