Sunday, December 29, 2013

Being A Single Goddess Prepper Part Two

I have received much feed back regarding being a single woman and prepping and some of it was great and some was down right disturbing. I had a few individuals which I assume were male that basically said to whore ourselves out to be safe. This is the type of mentality that we are up against in the present and the monsters we will face in the WROL. The positive is I have heard from many single women that are prepping and making their plans now.

Survivalistsingles is the only dating site that I am aware of. This site also allows you to search for groups too. It is free which is a great feature but like any dating site it has it's share of scammers and and prepper wanna be's so if you do decide to use this site use your common sense.

This site is full of opportunities to connect, network, and has a vast knowledge base. They have a groups section where you can locate individuals and groups by region and state. They also have a singles area. The downside of this site is be prepeared to have a thick skin because there tends to be alot of personal attacks. Myself I like to learn so I just don't make many comments unless I am asking questions.

This site is a great resource for learning and finding a group and they have webinars every month.


You can find alot of pages for region and state. This is a great way to network and find a group.

Please I urge you to make your plans now and as I always say....

Be prepared, not sorry

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