Friday, September 30, 2011

Silence Is Golden/Video

Because I feel this is such an important subject I wanted to post this video. This is not to instill fear but to give a reality check that security is just as important as your food, water, and shelter. This is how the bad guys will think and act....... you have to be prepared.

Thank you to NewAmericaNow for making this video and the permission to share it.

Be prepared, not sorry



wow... i just posted that for my group a while back. Are you a member of SWORD?

Terri said...

Yes SO I do follow your blog but I am not a member of your group. This video popped up in my you tube suggested videos. It really is a reality check isn't it?


Well thanks for following my blog, I seem to get a lot of page views, but youre the only one that has joined so far. I have been ragging on my group to join it but theyre lazy and want me to keep posting everything on our FB group. Some of them are serious off-grid types, so I dont blame them entirely, because its a miracle that theyre online at all.

I live in the ghetto, and the darkness that lurks on the fringes of civility is always present here. There was a lasting blackout during the summer after a freak wind storm. My area was without power for 2 days during a heat wave. Two hours into the blackout, there was a crowd of 50+ people marching through the ghetto, throwing rocks and bottles at houses, shoving people in front of cars, blocking traffic and terrorizing the area.
When they came to my block, I was waiting on my porch with my HiPoint 9mm assault carbine... and a smile. They quieted down, walked to the other side of the street and proceeded to the end of the block before starting up again.

I hold no illusions that if the power had been out longer, the mob would have become 10x larger and more aggressive. Almost my entire block is on the same page as my SWORD and we could organize in an hour if needed, but often... the flash-mob doesnt wait for you to talk tactics over coffee.

Sorry for the massive response, I guess I could have simply agreed with you and mentioned the valu of roach bombs, crystal drano, and potato guns.

Terri said...

Gosh I hope you can get out of there when the time comes?

Yes all people need to do is look at the rioting in East LA after Rodney King and most recently in London. And that was all over someone they haven't even met, what will people do when their thirsty and hungry?