Friday, September 30, 2011

Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden.......that old adage to me has a new meaning......

In Alaska when you are fishing you carry a small wooden bat which is used as soon as you bring that fish on shore you bat them quick to prevent thrashing which is a dinner bell to bear....

One of the most interesting and entertaining things I have ever seen was when I was in Alaska during the salmon run. In Alaska there is a term called "Combat Fishing". This term means 4 deep fisherman in a river who may hook each other or become a bears new target.

This is a contact sport!!

I was sitting on the hood of my truck and watching this spectacle when a mama grizzly walked on the scene with her two cubs. You could almost read her mind as she looked at them as if to tell them to "stay, watch, and learn".

The cubs planted their butts and mama seemed to take a deep breath and charged the fisherman. The poles and catch were immediately abandoned as this huge mass of muscle and fur decided the buffet was on.

Amid the scrabbling fishermen she then took her pick of the days catch and took it back to her her cubs..What did she did teach?? The bigger....the badder...and the most resolved wins.............also she taught them "where you hear a bunch of humans making noise there will be food"


Silence is a WROL situation you don't want the hum of generators, the gun shot, the tractor, the sound of vehicles or lights during the night. To those that want to take what you have these are the same as 'ringing the dinner bell"

You want LIVE traps...learn how to use a bow..learn to set snares. If you have generators house them in a room or building with sound deadening material. Always be conscious of how much noise your making because there will be others listening.

Be prepared, not sorry



This is the best post I have read in a long time. I'm glad some people are taking the time to think and realize that when there is no Law, you're on your own. Keeping what you have may be harder than getting what you want.

Terri said...

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it!