Friday, September 16, 2011

Where Do I Bug Out To?

Craftbyrd sent me this question:

"I have a question? Where is everyone going to bug out to? I'm being sincere here. I have always had this in the back of my mind. Get in the car and go but then the thought of what do I do when the car runs out of gas and where the heck am I going to go?"

This is a question that has a million different answers by a million different preppers and I hope my readers chime in on this and give their answers also.

My answer to this question has many different aspects to it. For one there is "no perfect bug out location" every location has it's pro's and con's. Climate, growing season, water availability etc. are all factors to be considered.

The first thing I would ask you is:

What are you used to? By this I mean where is your location now? Is it in a southern state where you have lived for years and know the area? Understand the challenges of living there such as hurricanes? You know where the fresh water is located? This is something that could be your saving grace. This is a huge factor because most people say " I will bug out to the wilderness where no one is" and the problems with that are:

They are not familiar with the area

They don't understand the challenges it offers

Where or how to obtain their food and water

A good rule of thumb is find a bug out location that is within 1 tank of gas from your current location. And I urge you to do this now so you have that time to:

Find your location

Know your location, where is the fresh water? what food options do you have i.e hunting fishing? what is the population in the area?

If you have to bug out for an extended period of time (weeks/months) these are what you need to have in that location.


I am looking forward to seeing additional comments and answers from my readers.

Be prepared, not sorry



I have two rural farms set up as Bug Out locations for my group. Any members that live within the area can utilize these farms in the event of a disaster or other SHTF scenario. They Belong to members of the group and one of the two is a massive, fully functioning farm complete with fuel storage, machines, tools, spare vehicles etc.

If all hell breaks loose, we have a third, 'middle of nowhere" location, but it isnt as built up as I would like. It has a working hand-pump well, willow bog pit toilets, and a 3/4 enclosed cinder block pavilion with a roof. Great for spring - fall, terrible for winter. Still working on that one...

Washy said...

We already live in the least populated area of France on a farm with spring water so if possible we will be bugging "in".
I have only just become interested in bug out kits, locations etc., but as far as finding locations a tank of fuel away from your starting point - I cannot help but think about the chaos of everyone trying to leave, say, New York city all at the same time, we've all seen it in films, and I guess this could become reality.